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Stephanie Weeks


Acting: Welcome

Single Black Female

I played Stephanie in Single Black Female, Directed by Shirley Jo Finney at Crossroads Theater Company

Help Me to Make It

I played Carol/ Margaret/Aretha in Help Me to Make It Directed by Lee Sunday Evans at Collaboration Town/Ice Factory 2012.

Animal Farm

I played Old Major/ Boxer in Animal Farm Directed by May Adrales at Milwaukee Rep/Baltimore Center Stage

Best of Enemies

I played Ann Atwater in Best of Enemies, Directed by Dir. Richard Hopkins at Florida Studio Theatre.

Inspired by a true story. In 1971, a high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan is pitted against an African-American Civil Rights activist over the desegregation of schools. This drama exposes the poison of prejudice, and explores how two polarized individuals can overcome their differences.