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Stephanie is currently starring as Carina in Eureka Day by Jonathan Spector Directed by Robert Hupp at Syracuse Stage. Live performances running until


With a mumps outbreak, a private school in Berkeley, California called Eureka Day, becomes a microcosm of our larger society as Jonathan Spector’s comedy plunges headlong into the knotty issues of vaccines and how we measure private preference against public health and how we decide who gets to decide. Though written pre-Covid, Eureka Day could hardly be more timely or more needed as Spector mines laughter from our foibles while eliciting empathy for our sometimes valiant and sometimes valiantly misguided efforts.

Stephanie was recently interviewed for SheSources: a website that inspires and helps women & gender non-conforming (GNC) individuals with aspirations in the entertainment industry.


I love language, and I love stories, and I love being able to step into telling different stories, and believing that the stories that we tell create critical thoughts about the world. I love what I do because I’m able to bring joy to people. I believe that stories can not only influence and change, but they also can create joy and real connection.
“A lot of my journey has been because I’ve said yes to things. And also discovered a lot about myself because of it. Because I’ve said yes to things. Like I didn’t know I was a director until I started saying yes to it.”

— Stephanie Weeks

Read the full interview here!

May 7 – 29, 2021 Directed by David Herskovits Co-created by Ali Andre Ali, Leonie Bell, Caitlin Nasema Cassidy, Megan Lang, Anthony Vaughn Merchant, Grace Orr, and Stephanie Weeks

NOW GO AND ACT ACCORDINGLY is a reflection on our moment; a celebration of the possibilities ahead of us, that is also open to the complicated emotions that surround us. Featuring movement, music, and language, NOW GO celebrates togetherness, not relief, and acknowledges the simple act of listening can be the most generous act of love we can offer. Not a play, or a conventional production, this 30-minute performance event invites small groups to gather and share a distinctly Target Margin Theater artistic experience.

NOW GO takes place at Target Margin Theater’s storefront theater and is designed for a limited, socially-distanced 12 member audience who safely watch from the sidewalk.

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